Martin Carter

A true “yellow belly”, Martin ­ was the youngest of three boys who were all born and bred in Lincoln, and has many happy memories of growing up in ­the City, during the early post war years.

He remembers his first introduction to radio (or the wireless as it was known then!), which was listening to comedy classics such as The Goons, Round the Horn and the Navy Lark.  And Sunday wasn’t Sunday without listening to Forces Favourites!  Jean Metcalfe would be in the BBC London studio and Cliff Mitchelmore was in BFPO Germany, exchanging messages.  He marvelled how wonderful it was to be able to listen to a voice coming from as far away as Germany!

In his teens, he was Involved in the setting up of the famous 63 Club on the Ermine Estate in 1963, which was perhaps best described as a Youth Club with live bands playing regularly.  His love of music grew and he enjoyed following the Lincoln group The Casuals, who often played there from humble beginnings to their national success!

He started his career at the age of 15 with Ruston Bucyrus in 1961.  He moved onto Smith-Clayton Forge in 1966, where he worked his way up to become their Purchasing Manager.  In 2003 he left the Forge to work for a national company as a Commodity Broker.

Now retired, he is very much enjoying life and in 2013, he joined Lincoln City Radio as a Production Assistant for the weekend morning shows.  He enjoyed it so much he enrolled in their presenter training course, which he passed!  He’s enjoying every minute of it, having the time of his life, sharing great music with the City of Lincoln!

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