Julie Cooke

Julie can trace her family roots in Lincolnshire back to the 1600's and considers herself a true Yellowbelly.  One of six children she has spent the majority of her life living in and around Lincoln. She now lives in a village just outside of Lincoln with her husband, Joe, and two Shi Tzu dogs.  It's quite a busy household as Julie's daughter Victoria and her husband live at the bottom of the garden with their two dogs!


Julie's connection with the media of radio began much earlier than her association with Lincoln City Radio, back to 1980 when she joined Lincolnshire Fire Brigade as a Control Operator.  In the days before computerisation, mobilising instructions and support information were conveyed to crews via radio and in her supervisory roles within the fire service Julie often found herself being interviewed by local radio stations.  Julie retired from her role as the Officer in Charge of Command and Control in 2012 after 32 years service.


She volunteered one Christmas Eve to go into the station to answer the phone for Chris Illsley. 


Finding herself unexpectedly 'on air' with Chris during his show they decided to team up and following training they now co host the Friday Through Noon show. 

Julie says 'Friday's for me now consist of a trip to the local shop where I buy a selection of daily papers. I like to surprise Chris by not briefing him in advance about the subject I am going to talk about.  I enjoy the interaction with other Presenters and Volunteers as well as our many lovely listeners who regularly phone in with requests.'

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